Hello beautiful world! Thanks for your interest in me and my art style. I suppose first you would like to know a little about me and how I got started. I have a background in photography, skincare, graphic designing, business and education so, I guess you could say I am not your typical artist. Aside from a few beginner classes as a kid, all of my photography skills comes from on-the-job training and many hours of trial and error.

During my 22 years as a photographer I have managed a high school senior portrait program for a national photography studio, photographed professional sports events and celebrity concerts. I have been an event photographer for a well-known Steakhouse as well as city publications.

In 2015 I participated in a local art show which gave me an opportunity to have more creative freedom with costume and post-production. I have become very resourceful when making costumes and have learned cardboard and spray paint have many uses! The final products is a canvas that I add character to with paint and other fun things. My concept is unique and I love it!

In my studio, I have backdrops and I also like utilizing my furniture as well as the interior and exterior of my building. My favorite style of photography is old Hollywood – I also shoot pin-up, boudoir, concept, fantasy and fashion. It’s about creating artistic situations for my clients. Though I occasionally photograph men my focus is individual female portraiture. My style is both on the wild and creative side as well as sophisticated and feminine; Grace Kelly meets Kat Von D, if you will.

When you hire me I will take the time to get to know you so I can really capture the true spirit of who you are and if you want to do a shoot that is nothing like you, even better! And if you think you take “terrible photos” almost always it is because of the person taking the photo and not you. It is my job to make sure you not only have a blast while we shoot but also love the outcome.  So, even if you have no idea what you want to do give me a call and we create something perfect for you.

Amie Hawks Artistic Photographer